Other Payments

Petty Cash

In limited circumstances when a need is established and documented by a department head, the establishment of a small, departmental petty cash fund may be approved. Requests for establishment of petty cash funds must be submitted to Financial Operations via the Petty Cash Establish/Replenish Form (xls). The following criteria will be considered in granting approvals:

•The purpose of the petty cash fund;

•Whether or not the petty cash fund requirements can be met in another way, (such as through use of a Procurement Card (P-Card), which is the primary method for small, miscellaneous business expenses);

•How often will the petty cash fund turn over (be replenished); and

•The department's ability to safeguard properly the petty cash fund.

Departments with petty cash funds are responsible for appointing a petty cash fund custodian, and for following all use, management and safeguarding requirements set forth in the Petty Cash Procedures Manual (PDF).

All petty cash disbursements must be approved in advance by the department head or his/her designee, and must be made in accordance with the requirements of the Petty Cash Procedures Manual.