Invoice Submission

All original invoices MUST be sent to Accounts Payable Services. We do not pay from statements, quotes, estimates, or pro forma invoices. A valid invoice must include:

  • Invoice Number
  • Invoice Date
  • Company Name, Address, etc.
  • Remittance Address, if different from above
  • Amount Due

In certain instances a supplier may submit an invoice without an invoice number. In those instances, the department should utilize the payment request form (PDF) when submitting the invoice to Accounts Payable. Payment requests require both a requestor and approval signature.

A Purchase Order number, if required, must be referenced on the invoice or payment request before submitting to Accounts Payable.

Departments are encouraged to use the online webform to submit invoices to Accounts Payable.

Attention iBuy+ Invoice Pilot Participants:

Use GW iBuy+ Invoice for invoice submissions. Continue to submit DCFs through the online submission form.