Accounts Payable Services provides a number of forms and instructions for completing forms that may be required to carry out university business. For Procurement related forms such as the Gift Card Request Form; please check the Procurement website or contact them directly.

Departmental Corrections

  • Departmental Correction Forms are internal forms required to make corrections to invoices and payments previously recorded. These forms are used to correct the expense account or department originally charged with the expenditure. 

Paying a Bill

  •  The Electronic Funds Disbursement Request Form (WIRE) (PDF) is used to wire funds to suppliers being paid in foreign currency. There are Instructions (PDF) for how to complete the Electronic Funds Disbursement Request Form (WIRE). Please note the two new fields of Region and Type of Activity which are required for international  payments
  • The Honorarium Recipient Form (PDF) is used to register and pay Honorarium Recipients. There are also Instructions (PDF) to complete the Honorarium Recipient form. Please note:  Whether you are submitting a new or exisiting supplier for an honorarium; if sponsored projects needs to approve, that should be done prior to sending the form to Supplier Maintenance or Accounts Payable. 
  • Payment Request Form (PDF) can be used to submit payment requests if no invoice number is provided. Please note the two new fields of Region and Type of Activity which are required for international payments.
  • The Multiple Invoice Form (PDF) is used with a payment request for multiple invoices for the same supplier. When using this form, please list invoices in numerical or alphabetical order. A payment request needs to be submitted with the multiple invoice form.
  • The Petty Cash Establish/Replenish Form (xls) should be utilized for all Petty Cash Fund requests and changes. The Petty Cash Manual (PDF) provides instructions for how to establish Petty Cash Funds and Replenishments requests and the Petty Cash Receipt Slip (PDF) is used to record distribution of the Petty Cash Fund.

Travel and Expense Forms

  • The Payment Request Form is used for Travel Reimbursements for non-GWU employees. All GW employees submit requests for Travel Advances and/or Reimbursements through the iBuy+ Expense Reporting system.
  • Student recipients are encouraged to receive payments electronically for stipends and reimbursements. Simply complete the Authorization Form and return to GW's Payroll Services.
  • The Missing Receipt Acknowledgement and Approval form is to be uploaded as the receipt if an itemized receipt is missing from a Concur report.  It is not intended to replace a missing/lost receipt on a consistent basis.  Lost/missing receipts should be infrequent and unusual, as receipts can be reprinted or easily requested (i.e., hotels, catering, restaurants if the date is provided) and should generally be for small dollar amounts. The form should be used by current GW employees.
  • The iBuy+ Expense Reporting System Affiliate Access Form can be used to request access to iBuy+ eExpense System for a non-employee referred to as an affiliate user. An affiliate user can serve as a delegate for submitting expense reports on behalf of an employee or to serve as an approver of an expense report. In general, an affiliate user should not submit expenses for himself/herself.

Business Forms