Accounts Payable Services provides a number of forms and instructions for completing forms that may be required to carry out university business. For Procurement related forms such as the Gift Card Request Form; please check the Procurement website or contact them directly.

Departmental Corrections

  • Departmental Correction Forms are internal forms required to make corrections to invoices and payments previously recorded. These forms are used to correct the expense account or department originally charged with the expenditure. 

Paying a Bill

  • **NEW** The Recurring Payment Form is to provide the information required to create a recurring payment in EAS to a commercial supplier who is a contracted partner with the university. Payment must be the same recurring amount through the fiscal year. Recurring payments have a duration of one fiscal year. Therefore, multiple year recurring payments will require the completion of this form three weeks prior to the beginning of the next fiscal year. Each form should be accompanied by the contract or other viable documentation to clearly identify the commercial supplier and payment information.
The benefits of establishing a recurring payment for a commercial supplier include:
  1. Annual setup if the contract is multi-year.  No invoices are required.
  2. Payments will be disbursed on the payment interval specified on the form: bi-weekly, monthly, or quarterly.  No more late payments.
The following are not candidates for recurrings payments, as executed contracts or agreements are required:
  1. Stipends
  2. Scholarships
  3. Fellowships
Send the completed and approved form to Accounts Payable at [email protected].
  •  The Electronic Funds Disbursement Request Form is used to wire funds to suppliers being paid in foreign currency or, as an exception with a valid business justification, wire funds to domestic suppliers. There are instructions  for how to complete the Electronic Funds Disbursement Request Form. Please note: the fields of Region and Type of Activity are required for international  payments. In addition, a bank source document is required with supporting documentation. A bank source document is a document that supports the bank information provided on the request. Examples are: a letter from the supplier's bank with the account information, or an invoice with the account information, or a letter from the supplier with the bank account information. Note: For international wires with US corresponding bank, the source document should include the US corresponding bank account information in order for the payment to be accurately routed.
  • The Honorarium Recipient Form  is used to register and pay honorarium Recipients. An honorarium is a one-time nominal payment made to an individual (not a corporation, business or partnership) who is not an employee, student employee and a student of the University, for a special and non-recurring activity or event with a short duration for which a fee is not legally or customarily required and which fixed business price has not been set. Refer to the guidance document for more information on using an honorarium. There are instructions to complete the Honorarium Recipient form. Please note:  whether you are submitting a new or existing supplier for an honorarium; if sponsored projects needs to approve, that should be done prior to sending the form to Accounts Payable. 
  • Payment Request Form (PDF) can be used to submit endowment related requests and/or other internally created invoices not specifically managed through iBuy+ Invoice. Please note the two new fields of Region and Type of Activity which are required for international payments.
  • The Petty Cash Establish/Replenish Form (xls) should be utilized for all Petty Cash Fund requests and changes. The Petty Cash Manual (PDF) provides instructions for how to establish Petty Cash Funds and Replenishments requests and the Petty Cash Receipt Slip (PDF) is used to record distribution of the Petty Cash Fund.

Travel and Expense Forms

  • The Payment Request Form is used for Travel Reimbursements for non-GWU employees. All GW employees submit requests for Travel Advances and/or Reimbursements through the iBuy+ Expense Reporting system.
  • Student recipients are encouraged to receive payments electronically for stipends and reimbursements. Simply complete the Authorization Form and return to GW's Payroll Services.
  • The Missing Receipt Acknowledgement and Approval form is to be uploaded as the receipt if an itemized receipt is missing from a Concur report.  It is not intended to replace a missing/lost receipt on a consistent basis.  Lost/missing receipts should be infrequent and unusual, as receipts can be reprinted or easily requested (i.e., hotels, catering, restaurants if the date is provided) and should generally be for small dollar amounts. The form should be used by current GW employees.
  • The iBuy+ Expense Reporting System Affiliate Access Form can be used to request access to iBuy+ eExpense System for a non-employee referred to as an affiliate user. An affiliate user can serve as a delegate for submitting expense reports on behalf of an employee or to serve as an approver of an expense report. In general, an affiliate user should not submit expenses for himself/herself.

Business Forms

  • The Stop Payment Request (PDF) is used to request a stop payment on a check. 
  • Endowment Spending Requests are used when charging to an endowment. This process is managed by the Office of the University Controller.
  • Purchase Requisitions are submitted to GW Procurement & Travel Services to indicate a request for a payment to a select supplier. Training documentation has been developed by the GW Systems, Analytics and Insights Group and can be reviewed by users to know how to create and submit a purchase requisition.
  • 1099 Miscellaneous Income forms can be sent electronically and securely to a designated email address. Electronic delivery offers several benefits. You will receive the form in a timely and secure manner. Therefore, the risks, such as loss, associated with paper delivery are avoided.  In addition, valuable resources such as trees that are used to make forms and envelopes are saved.  We hope you will join us in promoting timely and secure delivery of your form as well as partner with us to help protect the environment. If you are interested in receiving the forms electronically, please send the completed Electronic 1099 Delivery Consent Form to [email protected].