Departmental Correction Form

The Departmental Correction Form (PDF) is used to redistribute charges on the Budget Performance Report (BPR) with a category source of purchase invoices.


  • Use one form per invoice.
  • For re-distributed General Ledger(GL) BPR transactions, a minimum of $200.00 has been established. For DCFs (other than Sponsored Projects and Capital Expenses) submitted more than 60 days after the original transactions, the minimum is $2500.
  • There is no dollar threshold for GM transactions.
  • Budget Performance Report (BPR) must be attached (For help running a BPR, contact your division's or school's fiscal director/manager)
  • All DCFs not submitted to AP within 60 days of the initial posting to the BPR (GL-324B) for GL related activity or to the Award Project Performance Report (GM-139) for grant related items must be accompanied by a memorandum of explanation detailing the reason as to why more timely addressing of the issue did not transpire and what practices are being implemented to preclude future recurrence of tardy action; if not the DCF will be returned unprocessed - without exception.  All of the information provided  will be reviewed by Finance Management and a determination will be made as to whether the DCF will be accepted for processing.
  • The approver must be the individual with fiscal responsibility for the organization to whom the charge is being transferred to.
  • The requestor and approver may not be the same individual. 
  • DCFs should be submitted to with all required forms, using the online submission form .   


There are specific instructions for completing and submitting a DCF.